2012 saw a wonderful introduction, Cruising Country meets Simply Bushed !! What started as an out of control festival night in country NSW has become a Cruising Country juggernaut with the band becoming a firm part of the Choose Your Cruise family . As a matter of fact The band has been on EVERY YEAR since !!

Best known for their raucous yet polished live shows, the powerful wall of blokey harmonies and the wide range of emotions their songs take listeners through during shows will leave you feeling proud to be Australian , by the end of your cruise you will feel like an old mate of the band . You may also find yourself chuckling uncontrollably at some of the nonsense that goes on between this bunch of great friends, you will find yourself being drawn into it with them !!

Simply Bushed is a collaboration between Paul Grierson and Chris Rieger, who have written the award winning original musc music and lead the band consisting of Hugh Curtis on fiddle , Dave Roberts on Drums and The Padre, John Healey carrying the rhythm on Bass guitar. Simply Bushed have built a strong following especially on the cruise and enjoy a unique relationship with their fans who come from all walks of life, something that the band is proud of and works hard to maintain and grow regardless of where the Simply Bushed goes.